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Published photographs of them flaunting the footwear led to the sale of more than thirty thousand pairs of similar shoes, according to Jeff Lewis, vice president of marketing. One shot of an Academy Award winning actor wearing our shoes is worth a dozen Hush Puppy ads, he said. Several years ago, Jimmy Choo designer Sandra Choi said her company put all its marketing money into the Oscars. And thanks to that real-life product placement, it was able to thrive with very little conventional advertising. Designer Pamela Dennis once said, Having a dress on a celebrity is like placing a $30,000 ad. If a star wears your dress to an event, your sales go up immediately. Dress a star at the Oscars, however, and the financial rewards increase exponentially.

Companies scramble to get the top celebrities to see their clothes. Susan Ashbrook wastes no time offering them her clientsservices. The day that nominations are released and presenters are announced, Film Fashion approaches certain celebrities with look books on behalf of clients. In order to snare that all-important actress, designers fly into L.A. a week before the Oscars and set up the most expensive flea market in the world. This year, twenty-four fashion companies, including Prada, clamored for suites at the ¼ber-chic L’Ermitage in Beverly Hills, where they created glitzy showrooms open only to VIPs and their stylists. For the Oscars and the [Golden] Globes, it is ridiculousin September and October they start hounding, says Phillip Bloch, who’s worked with stars like Halle Berry and Salma Hayek for the big night. Those are people, I think, who do not know what they are doing, and they are just hoping to cash in on something.

Now, there’s a new hook. In January 2002, the Diamond Information Center unveiled its Red Carpet Diamond Collection, a set of fourteen necklaces, rings, and earrings created by some of the world’s top jewelers, including Harry Winston and Tiffany, valued at over $13.5 million. A group of celebrities, such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sela Ward, and their stylists got to view the collection at a special Beverly Hills luncheon and select a piece to wear to either the Golden Globes, the Grammys, or the Oscars. For every piece worn by a star to one of these events, a $10,000 donation would be made to the American Foundation for AIDS Research in their name. When Sharon Stone wore a $400,000 eleven-carat ring by the Royal Asscher Diamond Company to the Oscars that year, she wasn’t shy about talking about either the charity or the company. And when Dark Angel star Jessica Alba wore a ring from the collection to the Golden Globes, she told sound bite hungry reporters: M. Fabrikant & Sons is donating $10,000 to amfAR because I wore their ring. Celebrities could feel extravagant and charitable at the same time, while the jewelry makers got a nice international plug. Fashion with a conscience or clever marketing ploy?2015-2016 Fashion Trends: Matching Separates For Women … Ltf

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fashion 2016 Women

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