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Getting a new product on a celebrity’s body is the holy grail of most fashion designers. When Jordache relaunched in 2001, the jeans maker sent free garments to the likes of Mariah Carey, Rosie O’Donnell (who wore head-to-toe rhinestone Jordache on her show), Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani. Suzanne Freiwald’s Earl Jeans started out as a celebrity phenomenon, which helped get the word out about the sexy, skinny jeans. I do not know how celebrities found out, says Freiwald. They totally dug us up from under a rock; they’d literally come knocking on my front door. Cindy Crawford came into my old office once. Celebrities used to come over all the time. It became important. We, as a small company, didn’t have money to advertise.

Her assistant called first and said, Cindy wants to come over and get some jeans, then she showed up at three o’clock on a Tuesday, on the dot. We helped her out. Freiwald now gives and loans what she calls slightly seconds to celebrity fans. Jeans are expensive, she says. So we are really particular about damages like fat threads. We weed it out as second quality; I and friends and relatives and celebrity friends will get them. I promo a lot of thosejust free or cheap. Just as companies do not dole out clothes for product placements on TV and in films haphazardly, they do not randomly hand out goodies to stars for real-life placements either. There is a loose formula to the freebies. Ashbrook says her clients select which celebrities to target based on the starsimage, the amount of press attention they receive, and their personal reputation. The top three categories include 1) new, young starsthey always try to look good; 2) established starsthey maintain their public image and have recognizable style; and 3) nominees and presentersthey guarantee press coverage.

All the strategizing that fashion companies go through to pick the right stars just goes to show how artificial the act of dressing has become in Hollywood. Most celebrities do not choose their clothes; their clothes choose them. Fashion has forever changed the way events are reported by the media. All of the publicity that designers garner from placing products on celebrities couldn’t be possible without the raging paparazzi industry. It’s hard to believe, but the whole concept of the fashion paparazzi is somewhat recent. When we started [in 1993] we couldn’t find photographers who were shooting the clothesit was all about the faces, says People’s Martha Nelson of her time at In Style. Then we started having to say Be sure to give us the full length. If you go back into archives you get a very different kind of celebrity coverage. Having celebrities photographed at your fashion show, especially ones wearing your designs, can ensure even more editorial coverage.XYZWORKSHOP 3D Printed Fashion – YouTube Ltf

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fashion 3d printing

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