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Celebrities, on the other hand, bring a different element into the mixtheir personal lives. We follow their life and their life story as well as their romances, their ups and downs; they get in great shape, they get out of shape, they change for a role, they color their hairtheir personal narrative makes it much easier to connect with them, says Nelson. They are the bearers of our mythology and pop culture and they do come in a variety of shapes. They’re not like the average woman, but they are closer to the average woman than a model is. Actors and musicians have a story to tell and, usually, a project to sell.

Models, for the most part, don’t. This added selling point is like catnip to magazine editors for several reasons: 1) they can sell a cover story along with the beautiful photo; 2) they do not have to shell out thousands of dollars to pay their cover star. Nicole Kidman will get the publicity for her upcoming film, and Harper’s Bazaar gets a free cover girl who, most importantly, draws readerseyes to their magazine.

Marie Claire has taken the celebrity cover girl to another level. Instead of sticking to the formula celebrity feature, editors at the Hearst magazine cook up high-concept ideas like giving Debra Messing a personality test or challenging Susan Sarandon to complete a set of dares or banishing Gwyneth Paltrow to a deserted island. Readers were drawn to the newstand by the October 1999 issue of Jane with a cherubic close-up of Keri Russell with the racy coverline, I lost it on the closet floorand she wasn’t talking about one of her contacts. When Vogue put Hillary Clinton on its December 1998 cover, it not only transformed the First Lady’s image but also helped boost its sales among a different audience with a ten-page feature. The reader gets a saucy celebrity story plus beautiful photos in designer clothes. It’s a far more interesting formula than the standard fashion-model fare.
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fashion 50 year old woman 2016

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