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CELEBRITIES If you were to make a list of the ten most influential trendsetters, chances are good that the list would be dominated by entertainers. No matter what your taste, there’s a star to act as your style inspiration. Pop star wannabes can look to Britney Spears while cool fortysomethings can look to someone like Michelle Pfeiffer. Hip-hop stars have become big trendsetters for men, says GQ fashion director Marc Berger. Urban streetwear is the fastest-growing fashion segment, he says. Rap/hip-hop has fueled an entire clothing industry. Clothing companies know that hooking up with a celebrity will bring instant buzz.

Designers put a lot of energy into getting stars to attend their shows and convincing them to wear their clothes. Branding experts go to great lengths to figure out which stars will be the best matches. As cool-hunters the world over can tell you, knowing who or what is going to be the next big thing is no small business, says Debi Hall, fashion branding strategist for JY&A Consulting in London. The difficulty is pinpointing the name of the moment, catching their wave of success, and riding with it. Take Burberry, for instance. For years, the British brand had been thought of as a stodgy granddad’s label. Then a smart redesign of its image and products, and alignment with the right celebrities, helped the company post tripledigit growth.

Getting our bikini on Kate Moss cut the average age of our customers thirty years in one fell swoop, CEO Rose Marie Bravo told Time in 2001. The problem with all this is that there’s so much money and free stuff and other incentives for celebrities to wear certain labels that they are becoming live-action ads for designers. If you are a designer, you can make your sales skyrocket by getting your name mentioned in the media in association with a star or having a garment worn by a celebrity. Famous faces attract attention. The average person didn’t know who up-and-comer Zac Posen was in early 2002, but when Natalie Portman was photographed for several national magazines wearing one of his dresses to the Star Wars premiere, millions of people saw his name.70s Fashion – 70’s fashion Photo (31401670) – Fanpop – Page 7 Ltf

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