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Likewise, the stars of Charlie’s Angels, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Dynasty both reflected and affected fashions of their eras. TV sitcoms, dramas, and even news programs have become much more fashionforward in recent years. Having a product shown on TV is like placing an ada very successful ad. When SATC leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker toted a wacky horse-head purse on the show, the bag’s maker, Beverly Hills designer Timmy Woods, was immediately flooded with a thousand orders. A garment on TV is money in the bank. Sharon Lee, co-president of youth market research company Look-Look, once said that an episode of Friends will inspire thirty thousand calls about where to get Jennifer Aniston’s pants.

It’s the costume designer’s job to convey personality through the charactersclothing. Certain labels can do that. For example, a woman’s Louis Vuitton logo-print bucket cap says she’s probably into fashion and labels. Similarly, a white thirteen-year-old from the suburbs in head-to-toe FUBU can communicate a message about the character before he even utters a word. Likewise, the outrageously stylized wardrobe on Sex and the City makes sense because shopping and love of fashion are part of the characterspersonalities. Now we have seen the advent of personal digital recorders like TiVo, which allow viewers to record live video. Surveys in 2002 showed that 71 percent of TiVo subscribers skip commercials, leaving companies scrambling for new ways to get their advertising messages to viewers. Today they realize that synergy with TV shows can be lucrative.

So now, many wardrobe stylists are courted by designers and sometimes strike deals with clothing labels to costume characters. Fashion product placement is part of a larger $1 billion industry whose business it is to put a Pepsi can in the hand of a show’s protagonist or an iMac in his office. Striking deals with designers and retailers to parade their clothes on a show saves a producer money and, if it is done correctly, could lead to potential cosponsored promotions. In 1998, a friend gave Emily Cinader Woods, of J. Crew, the script for the pilot episode of Dawson’s Creek. That year, J. Crew worked with the show’s producers to wardrobe the entire cast. As an added tie-in, the stars modeled for the clothier’s catalog. The following year, American Eagle Outfitters, which had apparently envied the setuprecognizing that viewers of Creek were their ideal target audiencetook over the show’s code :pp 10% off. no minimum order.welcome | Fashion … Ltf

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fashion 71 discount code

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