Fashion Collection of Clothes 2017

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it, said award-winning Hollywood costume designer Edith Head, expressing an outlook that resonates with Neema Nous© who, at almost 23, confesses that fashion is more than just a collection of clothes that hangs in her Joburg closet. It’s part of her persona and the woman she wants to be. The petite Joburg-based blogger, with an enviable, eye-popping Afro and burgundy-stained lips, developed a love for fashion early on in life, but truly connected with it when she learnt that part of becoming the woman you want to become is dressing as if you are already her. So who might she be? It varies, much like Neema’s eclectic wardrobe. From retro (  la Nicole Richie’s boho-inspired statement pieces) to understated chic (referencing actress Tracee Ellis Ross’s looks), these are some of her go-to style picks that ignite a fashion spark and inspire the soulful, softly spoken university student to build her wardrobe.

Inside it you find bright colours, textures and prints, and a love for a 1950s silhouette, evident in the prized purchase of a halterneck dress reminiscent of the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch (circa 1955); yes, that billowing dress in that timeless subway scene, but in bold Neema style, hers is black. I mix traditional pieces with more contemporary ones and try to blur the lines between elegance and edge, she says. And she does so, effortlessly. A full skirt in white tulle, fit for a ballerina, shares closet space with a printed tee and biker leather jacket all signature Neema: eclectic, refined and contemporary cool. And blue in all its variations is her favourite hue. From navy to turquoise, my anchor memories always have a trace of blue, she reflects. Her outlook on how to best utilise fashion has evolved over the years.

I used to dress according to my mood, she says. On a bad day, it was head-totoe black that drove home that sombre message. But now, she says, she dresses according to the day she wants to have. If I wake up in a bad mood, I dress strikingly. If I’m upset, I put on a beautiful pair of heels. A juxtaposition of sorts, Neema’s style is regal yet eccentric, demure and bold, and her favourite labels range from high fashion to high street (Chanel, Machere, Zara and Taibo Bacar), but she does not update her wardrobe as often as she would like to and she is not an impulsive shopper. It’s about quality over quantity for me. I want to love every single one of my pieces and actually wear them so I think before I buy. And it is all about the fit.

I like to get most of my items made to guarantee comfort which is important to me, she says. A good fit is the difference between fashion forward and fashion fail, and lipstick (today, it is boldly burgundy) seals the look. As for her go-to piece: it is a cool black leather jacket that fits perfectly. It’s a timeless, trans-seasonal item that looks good with anything. Clothes have the ability to make us see the world in a particular way. You can be the best possible version of yourself with fashion and that’s what makes it art, she says. And when you visit her blog, Nouselifestyle, you will understand why fashion is her creative outlet. To kick off a new phase in her life, Neema turned to blogging. Away from the north I was born and raised in and into an environment of creativity and cultural affluence, and I wanted to show this off. Nouselifestyle serves as a visual recollection of that very eclectic, creative and fashion-inspired life. You are creating something, be it an ideal or a fantasy by what you put on. And I love that, she says.

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Fashion Collection of Clothes 2017

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