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A price is also the culmination of a whole chain of events that occurs before an item of clothing makes its way into your closet. Companies incur many expenses to get those clothes into your hands, and you pay for them at the register. When you fork over your credit card to purchase a Ralph Lauren sweater, you are not just paying for an angora scoopneck you are also buying a piece of the entire image that the company has built. Ralph Lauren’s Polo line will spend $187 million on advertising and marketing this year. The apparel, footwear, and accessories sector spends about $1.4 billion in advertising each year. Staging and publicizing a single fashion show can cost several million dollars. At the store, prices are inflated yet again to cover the retailer’s costs for overhead, advertising, salespeople, and so on. The retail chain Men’s Wearhouse spends $50 million a year on TV and radio advertising. When you buy a suit at that store, you are paying a portion of that $50 million bill. At the same time, when we see bridge lines and other middle-ofthe- road designer garb being made in the same garment shops alongside cheaper brands, it raises the question: Does a higher retail price always mean it is better? Voelker-Ferrier says the issue is not quite so cut and dry. It is not about being made better, to a certain degree, she says. Is a BMW better than a Ford? Yes, there is a difference, to some extent. When you take a micrometer, you find that every connection measures the same; every detail is looked after. In designer clothes, it is the same. The patterns are curvier, fit better, etcetera. Maybe the designer worked with the fit model to get the perfect fit. All those costs must be factored in. O’Rourke is not so sure. For those super-high-fashion women’s clothes that are produced in France, Italy, and Japan that get up in the thousands of dollars, that may be true, but certainly not in any kind of retail stores that normal people shop at, he says. The Armani Exchange T-shirt that costs them about a dollar to produce, they sell for $120. It’s not at all about the cost or quality of that T-shirtit’s the exact same quality as the one down the street for $8it’s about the brand.What the 1930s fashion industry tells us about Big Content’s \u201csix … Ltf

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