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And the exact amount of those labor costs is not left entirely up to manufacturersa good deal of the decision rests with retailers, who establish their desired profit margin and how much they want to pay for certain garments up front, then set out to find a contractor who can deliver it at that price. Still, in a 1999 poll by the Marymount University Center for Ethical Concerns, most consumers65 percent hold manufacturers solely accountable for sweatshops, while only 11 percent held retailers responsible. [Big-name retailers] set prices on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, and the effect works its way down the supply chain to the workers, who get paid pennies, says Bonacich. Suppose you are a retailer and you want to buy striped turtlenecks for $12 each at wholesale, which you will turn around and sell for $24 in your store. Of the $12 wholesale cost, the manufacturer spends about $5.40 on fabric, then uses $3 for profit and overhead. The remaining $3.60 goes to the contractor, who pays the worker who made the shirt about $1.44approximately 6 percent of the total cost. Because of the low price that you, the retailer, set before production even started, the payment that dribbles down to everyone else all the way down the chain leaves only a meager wage for those at the bottom. And a $1.44 rate is considered quite generous in some factories. In shops in California and New York, piece rates for assembling specific parts of a garment can go as low as a few pennies for a seam, six cents for a collar, and seven cents for a sleeve. So, if you crank out a sleeve per minute, you earn a meager $4.20 per hourfar below the $5.75 minimum wage. In foreign countries, the wages dip much lower. In 1996, the NLC found that Haitian workers earned 6 for assembling an entire Disney 101 Dalmations children’s garment that sold for $19.99 at Wal-Martthree-tenths of 1 percent of the sales price. The race for the bottom appears only to be getting worse. Deborah Christiansen, Ph.D., professor of apparel and merchandising at Indiana University, sees no end in sight for manufacturing’s move offshore. The newest development I just heard about this week is the production auction, she says. Manufacturers are being invited to bidfor the business of a company, only in this case the lowest bidder wins. It’s the e-Bay of the fashion worldamazing.Adding Functionality to Fashion Scarves | Wholesale Scarves Guides … Ltf

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