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The amusement park/McDonald’s Playland feel of many malls has also seeped into the stores themselves, with retailers realizing that they too can set themselves apart by offering touches of fun. The Old Navy flagship store in San Francisco features a DJ booth, mechanized mannequins, and a giant television playing Old Navy ads. In-store DJs spin bass-heavy house and techno at some Diesel stores.

The one in the Mall of America has its own sit-down deli, Torpedo Joes. Even the luxury market is getting in on the fun. Prada’s 24,500-square-foot flagship store, opened in December 2001 in Manhattan’s SoHo district, includes a towering auditorium where shoppers can sit on long wooden steps with their well-groomed terriers, high-resolution TV screens in the fitting rooms to replace mirrors, and touch-screen computers that allow shoppers to search the store’s inventory. Dressing rooms have sheets of liquid-crystal glass that become opaque or transparent at the push of a button. It may not be a Ferris wheel, but it is amusing nonetheless. Rents at shoppertainment malls are generally higher, but the retail dog and pony show pays off.

Clothing sales in this type of environment are simply more successful. For instance, the average store at the highly entertaining Mall of America takes in about $540 per square foot annually, compared to the national average of $341 per square foot. Good for business: yes. Good for the overall state of fashion: no. When it comes down to it, the whole concept of shoppertainment is a sad commentary on what McFashion has donethe clothes themselves are so lackluster that their surroundings have to be jazzed up to make them look appetizing to the public. But it works. It gets people into the mall and, as a result, into the stores. Today, when people make lists of their favorite hobbies, many, disturbingly, include shopping. McFashion has helped make the act of browsing and buying a national pastime. And the retailers reap the rewards.Hijab Styles in Winter Season | Sikumu Ltf

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fashion style eropa

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