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Other areas of the world combined snatch up only 9 percent. The average American carries nearly $6,000 in credit-card debt month to month. But the Fashion Victim, thanks to her profligate spending habits, is at risk of carrying much more. Every time we buy the must-have item, we drive ourselves further into debt. This not only adds to our stress levelsrequiring us to spend even more money on retail therapyit also steers us into a relentless cycle of overwork. As Schwartz asserts in The Costs of Living, people could live happier lives if they consumed less, which would allow them to remove some of the pressures of making money.

When we get caught up in the cycle of Speed Chic, we do not allow ourselves to truly enjoy life because we are so busy trying to get paid enough to maintain our increasingly expensive lifestyles. For instance, a marketing assistant with a studio apartment, bus pass, and H&M wardrobe can squeeze by on an entry-level salary. When she gets a promotion and a raise two years later, her expenses also mountshe moves into a one-bedroom apartment, leases a Honda Accord, and upgrades to a French Connection wardrobe.

Years down the line, when she’s making many times what she had earned early in her career, the cost of everyday life will have risen even morea mortgage, BMW, and closet full of Chlo©. She works longer hours than she used to, brings work home on weekends, carries more credit-card debt than ever before. Her attraction to fashion and other forms of consumption prevents her from taking restful vacations. It impairs her relationships because she spends so much time at work. It even indirectly ravages her health when nerve-wracking job and financial worries give her high blood pressure.Kate Middleton Wears a Diamond Brooch | 2016 | POPSUGAR Fashion Ltf

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fashion style kate middleton 2016

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