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Some people might work less, or take breaks between jobs, or not take a more time-killing job if they weren’t such slaves to their possessions, says Cross. The fashion consumption that dominates so much American spending is problematic because it distorts choices for using affluence. Fashion is a very expensive way of expressing oneself and clothing oneself, and it takes away resources from other things: time for less consumption-oriented leisure, and money for collective culture, such as the arts, recreation, meeting the needs of others, care for the environment, and so on.

In addition to leaving us with an empty feeling, the spiral of personal debt is precarious, to say the least. The pattern of spend now pay laterhas put the average family in serious debt, says credit expert Kristi Feathers. If shoppers would get in the habit of allowing themselves to browse for items but not purchase until the next day, they would either not return for the purchase or buy relatively less. It’s an impulse situation. By the time she was twenty, Feathers herself had three major credit cards and seven department-store cards. Over time, she accumulated over $25,000 in debt, which took her six years to pay offafter she had incurred about $9,000 in additional interest and fees.

One of her biggest mistakes had been getting suckered into applying for store credit cards, which Feathers says are dangerous for several reasons: 1) They charge enormous interest rates, which ends in the consumer paying way more for the same product that they could purchase with cash, and 2) they approve almost anyone, she says. Once a person is in debt for at least $3,000, it will usually take them four years to pay it down. Add additional cards to the mix and you have a serious bankruptcy possibility.Kim Kardashian Style – Kim Kardashian Fashion Photos Ltf

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fashion style kim kardashian 2016

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