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PROSPERITY The Quiet Power Automatic Tie Rack holds seventy-two ties. The motorized contraptionmade by Sharper Image Design, and priced at $59.95rotates left or right with the flick of a switch, spinning and illuminating all six-dozen neckties on the rack in a mere ten seconds. The entire compact design takes up just 5 1/4 inches of horizontal closet space. A fabulous space-saving invention, indeed. But the question remains: Does any man really need to own seventy-two ties? Speed Chic thrives because enough consumers can afford to keep squandering their dollars on short-lived trends. Spending on fashion tends to be correlated with financial resources.

If we didn’t have disposable income, we wouldn’t be able to shop. Our country’s prosperity encompassing even those of us who aren’t truly wealthy, per seallows us to be lifelong consumers. That’s markedly different from the reality faced by many people in developing countries, who struggle to afford food, let alone one necktie.

While surveys indicate that the average American today spends a smaller percentage of his or her income on clothing than people did in previous decadesdue in great part to the trend toward more casual dress both at work and outside itwe’re still buying a lot of clothes, partly because our prosperity has allowed us to stockpile Speed Chic items. And while the average American spends just under $2,000 on clothes each year, the trendhappy Fashion Victim typically spends far more. Survey data is misleading;korean drama fashion # kpop star fashion # korea fashion # korean … Ltf

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fashion style korean drama

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