fashion style of the 1920s

Dorothy wondered why the animals living in Foxville did not wear just their own hairy skins as wild foxes do; when she mentioned it to King Dox he said they clothed themselves because they were civilized. But you were born without clothes, she observed, and you do not seem to me to need them. So were human beings born without clothes, he replied, and until they became civilized they wore only their natural skins.

But to become civilized means to dress as elaborately and prettily as possible, and to make a show of your clothes so your neighbors will envy you, and for that reason both civilized foxes and civilized humans spend most of their time dressing themselves. I don’t, declared the shaggy man. That is true, said the King, looking at him carefully, but perhaps you are not civilized. L. Frank Baum, The Road to Oz The history of mankind has included atrocities that we today can look back upon and wish had never occurredthe Inquisition, the Salem How We Got Here: From Bear Hides to Bumsters witch trials, Swept Away.

But at least there’s a silver liningthese past mistakes can act as a lasting reminder of things we should never let happen again. When it comes to fashion, however, logic seems to flow in reverse. History shows us how ridiculous fashion can be, yet instead of learning from those blunders, we are destined to repeat the same unsightly trends (just how many times do clogs have to come back before they die?). Plenty of lessons from yesteryear could convince us to distance ourselves from fashion. But instead of backing off, we have become ever more engrossed in it. How have we gotten to this point? The answer can best be summed up by considering the following four eras of fashion.Women Fashion Trends in 1920sand 1930s | Art Deco Design Ltf

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fashion style of the 1920s

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