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BEAR HIDES: THE ERA OF NECESSITY Ages after the primordial ooze began to form into the first signs of human life, in the days of the Neanderthals, our gnarly knuckled predecessors concerned themselves with survival, and little else. Compared to modern humans (give or take a few hirsute chaps recently spotted sunning in Speedos on South Beach), Homo neanderthalensis was short, stocky, and scruffyan exterior suitable for reducing heat loss in harsh Ice Age conditions. The elements showed him no mercy.

The Neanderthal, an avid carnivore living between 40,000 and 100,000 years ago, often perished in infancy or early adulthood, rarely making it past his early thirties. Life was rough. It would have been a miracle for him to reach the age of twenty without breaking at least one bone; archaeologists have found remains of children as young as four years old showing signs of brokenand healedbones, implying that Neanderthal tribes had practiced some sort of primitive first aid. In many ways, the Neanderthal has developed an undeserved reputation.

He wasn’t the halfwit he’s often made out to be. They had bigger brain sizes than us, persisted through long cold periods in Europe, made complicated tools, buried many of their dead in cave cemeterieswhich all suggest they were no less intelligent than us, says David Frayer, Ph.D., professor of anthropology at the University of Kansas. The Neanderthal was at least sharp-witted enough to fashion tools and weapons from stone to kill big game like the bear, mam- moth, horse, deer, and woolly rhino. Then one day some fifty thousand years ago, or so the theory goes, after observing how furry creatures managed to keep warm in cold temperatures, he had a flash of ingenuity: kill one of the furry animals and wear its coat. Archaeologists have surmised from dental evidence that primitive man may have chewed the fat off hides to create a sort of rudimentary leather, a practice repeated by latter-day Eskimos. He draped the crudely cut pelt over his shoulders like a cape, instantly shielding his vulnerable flesh not only from the winter chill but also from animal bites, burns, cuts, rough terrain, and any other nasties that came his way. On this day, Neanderthals stumbled upon the concept of clothing.Dev Fashion Style | Women’s Outfit | ASOS Fashion Finder Ltf

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