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The animal rights versus fashion debate has grown uglier in recent years. Anti-fur protests have escalated to assaults on fur farms and related businesses, costing millions of dollars in property damage. But the shocking stories seem only to strengthen the pro-fur side, as it launches multimillion-dollar PR and marketing campaigns to gain public support. The more that fur is promoted as cool, the more Fashion Victims grasp at straws, rationalizing actions they believe deep down to be wrong. Fur’s inclusion in this book is less a sign of fur’s renewed popularity than it is evidence of fashion’s power to make sure that fur keeps popping up as an issue in the first place.

Whether wearing fur is actually right or wrong seems to get lost in the shuffle. Under fashion’s spell, our vision of right and wrong blurs. Like good art, fashion is often best when it pushes the envelope. But it sometimes crosses the line, offending individuals, groups, religions, even entire cultures. Some innocent political incorrectness that upsets a few overly sensitive people is understandable. But what should we think of a company that makes money by exploiting a belief or symbol that a group of people holds dear?for instance, the designer who prints a drawing of the Buddha on the backside of jeans. When Buddhists protest that this is disrespectful to their religion, should the company be forced to remove its product from stores? Who decides who’s right and wrong when fashion offends?
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fashion style university

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