Fashion Tips For Tall Women’s Clothes


Skinny jeans are one of the best in casual dressing. Cigarette styles will show off your long pins perfectly and offer a leaner outline. Wear with a loose chiffon vest that falls just on or below the waist to create a modern look.

Maxi dresses also suit well on tall women although they look much taller in such dresses but if the dress is well proportioned they look extremely elegant and have an air of hotness in them.

Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns. Use bold colors and patterns to make your outlook more prominent.

Create balance in your figure so that you don’t look like your body goes endlessly up and down. Use layering in clothes to make your body more prominent and have an elegant look. If you like to tuck in your tops, combine it with your tailored jacket or blazer. Use belts over layered tops, cardigans and jackets to break up the body. Use frills, ruffles and patterns up top to create the illusion of a bust and waist.


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