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In May 1996, everyone’s favorite punching bag had announced on ABC’s PrimeTime Live that she would be opening all twenty-four assembly plants where her clothing is manufactured to independent monitoring. It seemed to be a step in the right direction, that is, until later that month, when the New York Daily News uncovered a sweatshop just blocks from her Manhattan TV studios, where 50,000 Kathie Lee blouses had just been completed. Upon hearing the news, Gifford declared herself physically sick, so sick, in fact, that she couldn’t make it down to the garment shop herself and had to send Frank in her place to hand out envelopes stuffed with $300 in cash to each of the workers as reparations. What was interesting about this particular scandal was that Gifford herself took the brunt of the criticismnot Wal-Mart. In fact, the superstore managed to keep its hands relatively spotless, while its perky figurehead caught the flak full force. The focus of public attention was both surprising and unsurprising: surprising because activists usually love picking on gigantic corporations (Wal-Mart, of course, being the most gigantic); unsurprising because of who the eventual target was (the supremely unlikable Kathie Lee). Even today, years after her very public humiliation, Gifford’s name is still instantly associated with sweatshops. Thanks to the attention drawn to the role of the celebrity endorser, otherslike Jaclyn Smith, for her Kmart clothing line, and Michael Jordan, for his Nike endorsementscaught heat from activists. But in a game of word association, few people would utter the word sweatshop in conjunction with either of those celebritiesnames. In 1996, Jordan earned $20 million endorsing Nike sneakers and apparela sum more than the total annual payroll for the thousands of Indonesians who helped make the shoes, according to the organization Made in the U.S.A. When Time magazine raised the question of worker exploitation with Jordan, His Airness replied, I’m not really aware of that. My job with Nike is to endorse the product. Their job is to be up on that. (Imagine the public uproar if Gifford had responded like that!) It wasn’t the first time sweatshops had captured public attention. Factories of the nineteenth century were notorious for their dangerous, exploitative conditions. It was all too common to hear stories of rats running rampant on factory floors, machine operators losing fingers and arms, and workers receiving mere pennies for their labor. A handful of famous sweatshop stories hang like dark clouds in our history. In 1911, the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City killed 146 of the factory’s 500 garment workers. In 1995, seventytwo Thai workers were discovered in El Monte, California, having been held in virtual slavery for seventeen years to sew garments sold at some of America’s biggest retailers, including Nordstrom, Sears, and Target (the retailers predictably insisted they were unaware of such conditions). But the dishonoring of Kathie Lee Gifford brought the sweatshop issue an unparalleled level of mass attention. If nothing else, her public humiliation brought much-needed awareness to problems that had slipped under the Fashion Victim’s radar for decades.Spring 2016 Runway Trends – Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends Ltf

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fashion trends 2016

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