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BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS Each weekday morning for eleven years, millions of people who didn’t get enough sugary sweetness in their Froot Loops could get a dose of saccharine from Kathie Lee Gifford. For a good part of the nine to ten o’clock time slot, the Regis and Kathie Lee cohost would sprinkle her conversation with tidbits about her perfect home life, her perfect children, and her perfect (or so she thought at the time) marriage. Her face was everywhere: the morning show, TV commercials for Carnival Cruises, plugs for children’s charities, a handful of music albums, parades, her own clothing line at Wal-Mart. Life seemed rosy for the former beauty queen, and with true schadenfreude, the public couldn’t wait to slam her. As the late 1990s approached, Gifford backlash was in full swing. In a June 1996 issue of Allure magazine, Tara B., a flight attendant and former Kathie Lee fan club member, said of her former idol: I hate her. She’s one of those pushy women who tell you how to live your life. They think they can sing, they think they can act, they never shut up about their husband or their kids or their Lord Jesus Christ. South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker mocked the talk-show superstar in an episode, parading the animated Kathie Lee into town in a bulletproof Popemobile, then making her the detestable target of an assassination plot. Late-night talk-show hosts picked on her for her syrupy vocal albums. In the spring of 1996, Charles Kernaghan, executive director of the National Labor Committee (NLC), a New York based organization that fights unfair labor practices, produced the nugget that would tarnish the morning-show queen’s reputation for good. Kernaghan testified before Congress that garments sold by Wal-Mart bearing the Kathie Lee brand name, under a licensing agreement that earns the store $300 million in sales a year (and earns Gifford $9 million) were produced by underage girls in a Honduran sweatshop called Global Fashion. Gifford, who’d been known for her involvement in children’s charities, fired back, sobbing to her television audience, You can say I’m ugly, you can say I’m not talented, but when you say I do not care about children How dare you! The Gifford scandal was like candy for comics. David Letterman compiled a Kathie Lee themed Top Ten listTop Ten New Items from the Kathie Lee Gifford Product Linethat included such things as a new workout video called Sweatinin the Sweatshop, a Honduras on Thirty Cents a Day guidebook, and Sweatshop Barbie. Then there was The I Hate Kathie Lee Gifford Book by Gary Blake and Robert Bly. A sample page from the book’s fictional day planner included the notations Give Frank enema and Make out weekly payroll to sweatshop workers. Even venerated newspapers got in on the Kathie Lee bashing. In July 2000, the Chicago Tribune ran an article entitled A Farewell to Kathie Lee, Sweatshop Queen. And a syndicated cartoon depicted her as a dominatrix yelling, Sew faster! to a crew consisting of cohost Regis Philbin, husband Frank, and son Cody.Teen fashion tumblr | My Style | Pinterest | Teen Fashion, Shorts … Ltf

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