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Except for a few supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Elle McPherson, the public rarely hears about modelsexercise regimens, except to hear that they do not have one. Most models insist they do not diet or exerciseaside from a few exceptions like Daniela Pestova and Claudia Schiffer, who claims she can feel her body sagging if she does not exercise for even one day. Years ago, in an interview with DKNY models Mark Vanderloo and Esther Ca±adas, the pouty-lipped Ca±adas mentioned that neither one of the svelte duo worked out on any type of regular basis. Mark goes jogging sometimes, she said. But as for doing 150 sit-ups a day?

I do not even know how you count that. Models must incessantly maintain that they are naturally skinny to battle criticism. In 1993, Kate Moss insisted, I try to eat so I won’t be so waiflike, but even if I do, I’m not going to become this voluptuous thing. I do have a sweet tooth, but I do not eat loads. I will eat anything. Even her then boyfriend Johnny Depp got in on the act in a 1995 Esquire interview. She really puts it away, he said of Moss. Why punish somebody because they have a good metabolism? Because they digest their food better? It does not make any sense. Similarly, Gisele B¼ndchen insists she skips the gym and only gets exercise running up and down the stairs at her apartment.

Protowaif Twiggy has said, I got blamed for anorexia and all, but I always ate wellanything, absolute rubbish. In 1993, Amber Valletta told People, A lot of the girls who are thin can’t help being thin. I mean, my best friend, Shalom [Harlow], she’s thin and she can’t help it, and there are plenty of girls like that. I wouldn’t diet. I’m going to eat the chocolate cake if I want to. (Does the image of Amber polishing off a plateful of chocolate cake make you hate her more or less?) In November 2000, an interviewer from Latvia’s Delfi magazine remarked to Carmen Kass, You are probably aware that your image is quite often associated with the word anorexia,  to which she replied, They probably do not know that I’m one of the largest models [laughs]. You have to eat to have the strength to live and work. I wouldn’t be able to keep up if [I] starved myself. Healthy eating keeps metabolism in balance. Things you deny yourself hit back later.

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