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Sometimes, models seem confused about the definition of diet. Linda Evangelista notably stated, I do not diet. I just do not eat as much as I’d like to. Naomi Campbell redefined the term in a British interview in May 2001: I never diet. I’m naturally slim, but I have to watch what I eat and I can’t eat too much of it. This after telling People in 1991 that her favorite foods are Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, Raisinets, Mars bars, Snickers, and deep-chocolatefudge H¤agen-Dazs. In recent years, it seems to have become the mission of many magazines to prove that models, actresses, and fashionistas actually chow down. In a New York magazine feature on Anna Wintour, she was seen famously chomping on a juicy, rare burger, sans bun (but red meatthe scandal!). Skinny celebrities have been known to order the most buttery, fat-laden dishes when they dine with reporters. In 1995, at the height of the criticism of Jodie Kidd’s weight, news mysteriously leaked out to Britain’s Guardian that Kidd likes nothing better for supper than a Big Mac or a bacon sandwich. We desperately want to think that every model has an eating disorder or that she supplements her diet of cigarettes and vodka tonics with laxatives. That would make us feel better. But the truth is that most of them are just naturally skinny and young. When you are young, you are naturally thinner. Your body hasn’t developed yet, and your metabolism tends to be very quick. On average, a teenage girl can eat three hundred to six hundred calories more per day than an adult woman of the same height and weight and not gain a pound. Catch up with these models a few years later, when they’ve left the business, and they look slightly more like the rest of us. Others who are in great shape work hard at being that way. So we wrinkle our noses at their goddesslike images, and love and hate them at the same time. It’s actually better to think that all models are eating healthily and are just naturally skinny, says Holly Hoff, of the National Eating Disorders Association. What’s more dangerous, Hoff continues, is to think that all models diet, since it only perpetuates the misperception that anyone can diet and become that slim. Most of us accept our eye color or even our shoe size as influenced by genetics, but when it comes to our weight and shape, people use very extreme eating and exercise rituals to try and fight their genetics and change their natural sizes, she says.Topshop Unique 2012 Spring London Fashion Show | POPSUGAR Beauty UK Ltf

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