The Most Fashionably Dressed Celebrities

Yes, our valued followers continue to introduce fabulous designs to you. In the 1800s, ladies were seen and deceived as lacking competence and honesty as they masquerading their true appearances in a fraudulent manner. In the meantime, women were advised to display natural and unadorned images.27 The ideal Istanbul woman in 1830 and 1840 was a loyal housewife who rejected the waste of fashion and make-up.

Even the feminists who tried to take the role of the woman out of the house avoided makeup because it was artificial and deceptive. Margaret Fuller urged women in the feminist manifesto of 1845 to remove the barriers to equality in women in the Nineteenth Century28 to develop their minds instead of appearances and to clear their souls “from the show”. Still, it was expected that the nineteenth-century white woman would be beautiful without makeup.

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Kathy Peiss, a beauty culture historian, had tolet the inner beauty of women be scattered, explains Hope in a Jar30. Using cosmetic products shows that a woman is a “painted woman” or a whore. Peiss said, “Reducing the physical to moral values is a widespread belief that the non-scientific belief (the art of face reading) or physiognomy, which suggests that people reflect the characters of their physical appearance. Hair, skin and eye color were seen as a sign to women’s inner virtue, ideal face, brown and white skin, red cheeks, red lips and meaningful eyes. ”

Black women who did not hope to achieve this dominant and narrow-ranging beauty ideal were avoiding using cosmetic products, even if they were not rewarded by the community for controlling them. According to the ideal of time, they would never be seen as beautiful. Peiss claims that this insecurity for cosmetic products in the mid-nineteenth century is interrelated with the rights of the woman to start sprouting. You can look at the pictures in our gallery

The Most Fashionably Dressed Celebrities

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