Fast weight loss

Every day is a different nike, and today is a challenge:

My glutes, quads, legs and feet are all sore. I take a break and glance at my watch. It’s only been 5 minutes.

Continue the diet plan.

Breakfast: low-fat vegan breakfast with fresh fruit, almond milk and granola

Drink 1 gallon of filtered water throughout the day, 12 ounces before each meal.

Take a morning stretch class at a local gym.

Walk (not run) at least 2 hours or 12,000 steps. Every 30 minutes, stop and jump rope for 2 minutes or do jumping jacks.

Lunch: black beans, tomato, avocado tacos” on endive leaves

Snack: fresh fruit and 6 almonds

Take a core class at your local gym.

Have a therapeutic massage.

Dinner: a low-fat vegetarian meal

Go to bed at your new bedtime. Take 10 breaths in the dark, meditating before falling asleep.

4:30AM. Calves are on fire and solid as a rock. I’m lying in bed, in the dark, after another full 8 hours of deep sleep. I’m catatonic, with legs that feel like lead.

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Fast weight loss

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