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What sort of things is she into, Gareth?

She’s all singing, all dancing. She watches me on stage and she eventually wants to be there herself. I do not think I have a choice in the matter so she’ll definitely be following in my footsteps.

How often do you get to see her?

Any weekend or evening I get off and I’m able to see her, I do. I’m either constantly on the road going to see her or she’ll come and stay with us.

I wasn’t a Coronation Street fan before, but I’m now!says Gareth, who records all Faye’s episodes straight to pick her up from school and then we had dinner together.

How far into your relationship did you introduce Faye to Missy?

We took our time with that because we wanted to do it right, so it was about a year and a half in.

What are your plans for Christmas?

Gareth: We’ll be spending it together. For the first time we are bringing both our families together, so it is going to be rowdy!

Faye: We’re going to be in Yorkshire at the Rudding Park Hotel. We asked everyone how they felt about us bringing them all together and they thought it was a great idea. They all get on really well, which is amazing.

Gareth: I’m in Cinderella in Crewe so the location is very handy. I’m working on Boxing Day so both our families will be coming to see me.

Will Missy be spending Christmas with you? Gareth: She’ll be spending Christmas Day with her mum [ex-wife Suzanne] and then I will be picking her up on Boxing Day. My family will then be bringing her to watch me in panto!

I’ll miss her on the actual day but it is always an equal share and it is important that she spends half the time with me and half the time with her mum. Missy always comes first and she always will.

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Faye Brookes Photos 2016

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