Faye Brookes Style Looks 2016

Has Faye been supportive?

She’s been my rock. At one point I didn’t even know if I was going to get my voice back but she’s a really positive person, so if I was feeling down she’d bring me back up. She’s also really taught me a lot in terms of the gym and healthy eating.

Faye: When it happened he hadn’t had any problems for ages, so it was a real shock. The operation was the day before my first day at Corrie! I went to the hospital and we were both crying and I didn’t want to leave him because he couldn’t even speak. I spent the whole day just wondering if he was okay.

What was it like for Missy, Gareth?

It was hard but she fully understood. She would even help me out and I’d write everything down for her when I couldn’t speak.

Are you confident your voice will go back to how it was before?

Absolutely. I still have that fear every time I go on stage that I won’t be able to sing, but I will get there in the end. I just need to rest it when I can and keep working hard.

Faye: I think it made him feel really vulnerable when his favourite thing in the world was just taken away without any control. It was horrible to watch him go through it but seeing him perform in Kuala Lumpur was a really positive end to this year.

Gareth: I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Footloose. I’m a terrible dancer but luckily I’m playing someone [Willard] who’s meant to be a terrible dancer anyway! I will be singing, dancing and playing the guitar. I©a]

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Faye Brookes Style Looks 2016

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