Feeding baby milk

Feeding baby milk

Fruit. Fruit provides fibre, vitamins and energy through the natural sugar content. Most babies enjoy fruit purees and they can be used after the introduction of cereals or as advised by your doctor or clinic. Always start with one kind at a time in case she has an adverse reaction and introduce new varieties after three days.

Vegetables. Vegetables are useful for acquainting your baby with new tastes, adding variety to her diet and providing fibre and vitamins. Many babies reject vegetables at first and there is no need to force the issue. Try again a little later or use a different method of preparation, for example, mixing them with fruit purees; adding the tip of a teaspoon of vegetable, yeast or meat extract for flavour; or making a thick vegetable soup.

Meat and fish. Meat provides protein, iron and B vitamins, all essential in the diet of the growing child.

Fish is an excellent source of protein and adds variety. Liver is a good source of iron which is essential in the production of red blood cells although many babies do not enjoy its strong taste at first. Chicken is likely to be a firm favourite from the beginning.

Homemade baby foods. Use as little water as possible so that you do not have to discard any nutrients.

Do not use salt and only use sugar when absolutely necessary, for instance, to modify acid fruits.

When making up baby foods it is easier and more economical to prepare it in bulk once you know what suits your baby. Cool after cooking and pack into individual plastic containers with lids or pour into an ice tray. When set, pop cubes out of the tray and freeze in a dated and labelled plastic bag. Take out as many as you need and thaw in the fridge or covered out of the fridge. Use as required. Do not refreeze after defrosting.

If you do not freeze the food after cooking you can keep it covered in the fridge for two or three days. Take out what you need and heat it up in a pot or, if you think she will only take very little, put it in a cup or clean glass jar and immerse in hot water. Remove from water before feeding to prevent accidents.

Feeding baby milk

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