Ferne McCann Makeup Best Of 2016

How did you meet Russell the first time around?

I went to one of his stand-up shows in London with Sam and Billie [Faiers] when I was 19. We ended up being invited back to Russell’s house in East London for an after-party. There was no alcohol involved as Russell is teetotal but we all had a laugh and we even went in his Jacuzzi together. One thing led to another between us that evening and we spent the night together. It was really surreal as I was quite young and he was at the height of his fame I couldn’t believe that he was interested in me. I have to admit, it was quite exciting.

What happened after that night?

He took my number and texted me a few times using a lot of words that I didn’t understand! He’d always ask me to meet up but I felt like I wasn’t ready to get involved with him – as there was such a big age difference [15 years] – so I stopped texting him back. I remember him texting me on Shrove Tuesday saying he would send a horse and carriage to get me and bring me back to his house for pancakes. He was certainly very persistent!

How serious did things get between you this time around?

We saw each other once every couple of weeks. I’d go to his house and we’d watch documentaries together about bands like the Stone Roses. I didn’t know who they were beforehand. He made me laugh a lot and he said I made him laugh, too, but it never became too serious. We got on very well, though, and when we weren’t together we’d text most days and send each other pictures of what we were up to.

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Ferne McCann Makeup Best Of 2016

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