Ferne McCann Photos Best Of 2016

A lot of people say he smells very nice.

I certainly never had any complaints! He looks a bit like the great unwashed but he was always very clean and well presented with me. His bathroom was immaculate, I couldn’t believe it. In fact his whole house is really lovely.

Has he been in touch since you stopped seeing each other?

I’ve had a few messages from him but I have not replied. I do not see the point as it is never going to work out.

Have you dated any other guys this year?

I was dating a cricketer called Reece Topley [right] during the summer. We went on some lovely dates but he’s four years younger than me and I couldn’t see a future for us. I think he’d still love to see me but I do not think it will go any further between us.

Ferne McCann Photos Best Of 2016 Photo Gallery

Ferne McCann Photos Best Of 2016

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