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Money Sphere Exercise No. 1: Money Statements

The following statements communicate beliefs and behaviors about money. Review each statement, and next to it place a D (disagree) or an A (agree) and a number between 1 and 10 to signify the intensity of your disagreement or agreement (with 10 representing the most intense): I have always had trouble controlling my spending, especially when it comes to certain types of purchases (such as clothes, vacations, cars).

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I have been called a penny-pincher, cheap, or other negative names relative to my refusal to spend money.

I have a split personality when it comes to buying things: I’ll spend a lot on one type of purchase and refuse to spend much on another type.

My spending behaviors have a negative impact on my life and/or my relationships (the extreme effects being bankruptcy or failed marriages, for instance).

On a number of occasions I have bounced checks because I wasn’t keeping good track of the money I had in the bank.

I have a poor credit score, in large part because I’m late with payments.

My financial records are a mess.

As a result of my poor money management, I have produced negative consequences (inability to obtain a loan, for instance).

I am satisfied with the amount of money I make annually.

I constantly worry that I don’t make enough money.

I want to make a lot more money, but I don’t know how to do so.

I am adept at making money and expect to make even more in the future.

My inability to make a sufficient amount of money has hurt myself and my family and prevented us from doing everything we want to do.

Pay particular attention to any D or A answers with a number of 7 or above. This can signify a particularly strong money behavior or attitude you should be aware of, even if it doesn’t have negative consequences. And if it does have negative consequences, you should have top-of-mind awareness of this behavior or attitude.

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