First, Prepare the Cook

Preparation of a good Ayurvedic meal involves more than just producing something to eat. Of course a good cook collects the assorted ingredients, washes, chops, stirs, fries, bakes, seasons them, and creates something deliciousthe result of much more than the collection of raw ingredients. As an Ayurvedic cook, with the thoughtful preparation of every meal you offer a special gift to those who are to eat. But preparations for the real Ayurvedic meal begin, most important, with the preparation of the cook.
A fully prepared cook is satisfied in mind and body. Eat something just before you begin cooking a large meal and sit quietly for a few minutes. Meditate daily to nourish your mind and body. The practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a part of Maharishi Ayured. A fundamental principle of life is that deep rest is the basis for dynamic activity. We get ready for the activity of cooking by transcending all activity for a few minutes in the morning and evening. By regularly practicing the TM program, a cook, or anyone, naturally feels calm and orderly while working. Even though there may be many dishes to prepare, lots of steps to follow in a recipe, or a feeling of pressure about the time, the sense of restful alertness gained from TM stays with you while you work, allows you to enjoy yourself and be more consciously aware of all that goes into a successful meal.
The quality of the cooks thoughts and feelings while working are carried by the food itself. By eating something like tea and toast, a sandwich, or a piece of fruit before beginning to cook, you can avoid tasting the food excessively and be less tempted to save some for yourself before serving it. These rather greedy thoughts are considered to affect the food, causing feelings of emptiness or dissatisfaction in those who eat it.
Food prepared by a loving, settled, sattvic cook helps create loving, settled, sattvic people.
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First, Prepare the Cook

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