Fishtail Ponytail Hair Style

Hi how are you doing you might be thinking where is she today why am, I not recognizing the room well I’m actually visiting Leyla in LA. I’m So excited to finally see her after not seeing her for seven months it was just crazy, I do not know where the time flew by but when, I saw her it just seemed like there was no time and we just saw each other yesterday. So we are gonna be going out tonight and seeing some friends and because it is really warm in here, I thought I will do something different with my hair.

So I’m thinking to do sort of a fishtail ponytail, I saw an inspiration picture of it somewhere on Pinterest and, I thought it would be just absolutely perfect for today’s. So I’m gonna show you how to do it it is super super easy and I will probably have to turn around. So you can see what I’m doing in the back.

So let’s begin all right before, I turn around I’m gonna tell you what you are gonna need for this hairstyle and it is just some really simple tools I’m gonna need a hairbrush in the subway lows this is she kid she has a pink hairbrush and then what we are gonna need is a bobby pin and a hair elastic and I’m also wearing my lucky hair extensions and wearing the over said because I’m going out and, I wanted to look to look more dramatic, I want this hairstyle to look more dramatic but you can do this without a hair extensions as well it is just with hair extension of course anything you do just looks a little more dramatic and a little more impactful. So let’s begin all right the first thing I’m gonna do is just bring all the hair back and split it in two sections I’m gonna start doing a regular fishtail braid. So if you know how to do a fishtail braid this is gonna be a piece of cake for you up if you do not I’m gonna link a few posts down below on how to do it.

Fishtail Ponytail Hair Style Photo Gallery

So pretty much all I’m doing is I’m gonna take my index finger and I’m gonna go to the right section first I’m gonna take a section of hair bring it over the right section and add it to the left section and then I’m going to do the exact same thing on my left side with my index finger I’m going to take the section of hair bring it over fill up section and just add it to the right section it is really easy and all it takes practice. So practice practice practice and also this hairstyle is a really good exercise for the arms. So I’m just gonna keep doing this all the way down I’m gonna do it about eight nine times okay I’m gonna take my index finger again push the hair from the left over add it to from the right and add it to the left and then take a section from the left bring it over the left section and add it to the right section and then I’m going to continue doing this over and over.

So take a section from the right bring it over take a section from the left and bring it over. So as you can see, I tend to go for different sections sometimes I will go for a thicker section sometimes for a thinner section overall it is gonna give it a nice cool effect okay. So when, I feel like, I have an off fishtail braid there which is about like, I said eight nine times maybe about ten times at the most, I will just stop breathing make sure to keep all the hair together I’m just gonna grab my little hair elastic and I’m gonna put all the hair in a hair elastic and the last step of this hair stop is I’m just gonna take a long section of hair probably from my left just want to make sure it is not too thick just a section like this and I’m gonna start wrapping it around the base of this ponytail just to hide this little hair elastic I’m just gonna wrap it until, I run out okay once twice three times and that should do it and then I’m gonna take my bobby pin and I’m just going to pin this hair in the back and finish.

So that’s it for today my cuties, I wanted to say bye and, I wanted to show you wash geek who came to visit me when, I was posting see she’s such a cutie and she grew. So much some of you may remember that watch it used to be my cat mine and Alex’s cat back in the day but because we traveled. So much one really badly made her home.

So Layla was nice enough to take her because Layla worthy has ziza as well. So now much Keane’s these are very happy together they get along. So well and because they live in Cali now they have summer all year long and they you know they are all day in the backyard just enjoying the beautiful weather hey Mikey say how about utiful friend oh she’s.

So cute good alright guys thank you. So much for tuning in it is nice having you as always and I will see you guys next week and I’m gonna be using just a brush okay sorry.

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