Fishtail Updo Hairstyles

Fishtail Updo Hairstyles

Come away with me come let’s go away to be on a new adventure for two we can fly across the ocean or take a train together, I do not care as long as it is beside you hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do this beautiful fishtail up dude that is super cute and just six minutes to.

So let’s begin we are gonna need a few simple tools for this hairstyle and that’s going to be a teasing brush I’m using a Denman g3 teasing brush we are gonna need some bobby pins or hairpins whatever you got we are going to need a hair elastic in the color of your hair and a hairspray now, I think this hairstyle looks the best on wavy hair. I have already weighed my hair with a large barrel but you can totally pull it off with straight hair as well the first thing I’m going to do is just tease the crown of my hair. So just grab this section spray it with a hair spray take your teasing brush and just go up and down just going to take a section behind it and do the exact same thing and then just gonna brush the cheese out what I’m going to do next is bring all my hair to the left side and start doing a regular fishtail braid if you do not know how to do a fishtail braid I’m gonna link my post, I have like two or three posts on how to do a fishtail braid.

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So you can check those out but I’m going to show again it is really really simple just takes a lot of practice trust me. So just split the hair in two sections and then with your index finger you take one section bring it over section one and then with your index finger from the left side you bring another section over and combine it with section one and then you repeat those steps all the way down it is super super easy you are the only one, I think now when you get to the bottom of the braid you just want to secure it with a hair elastic and then take your braids and start pulling the sections out cuz that’s what’s gonna make it the hugest difference ever is gonna make your braids look like twice as big what I’m going to do next is just take this braid bring it over and kind of hide the tail. So you just type the tails under the braid like that.

So you want to shape your updo and just hold the braid and then you want to grab your hair pins and start pinning this braid in place once you have pinned the official braid in place your update is done. So that’s really it my darlings this hairstyle literally takes a couple of minutes to do. So it is perfect to do in the morning when you are rushing to work or school and it is also fancy enough to wear it out at night to the nice and fancy dinner or a big.

So very very versatile yourself thank you. So much for tuning in let me know how you like this post down below leave me a comment and a thumbs up I will see you guys soon love you.

Fishtail Updo Hairstyles

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