Five Tips For Extreme Vacation In New Zealand

Are you done with those vanilla vacations including the beach, a sun lounger and a tropical drink? Are you looking for some new emotions? Do you need that dose of adrenaline to recover after a hard year? It’s time to book a ticket to New Zealand! It is a fantastic country, which is located on the group of islands in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. These islands were honored with marvelous landscapes, highly unusual fauna and an enormous amount of birds and marine mammals. Most of them are unique so you won’t find them anywhere else! Due to the natural uniqueness, the amount of extreme activities offered to the tourists here is really huge! What can you try on these exotic islands?

1. Scenic Helicopter Flights To Glaciers

These services are provided in Auckland, Mt. Cook, Queenstown and the West Coast glaciers. The price for the tour is $200-$450, depending on the duration. You will enjoy inimitable sceneries, crystal air and magnificent lumps of ice! Don’t forget your goggles and a camera!

2. Learn To Fly The Aircraft In Wanaka

A super cool activity for enthusiasts and beginners as well as pro pilots. It will cost you $195-$2,895 depending on the pack. They all vary in duration of the flight, type of insurance and tutorial. The cheapest tours include an instructor who has the duplicates of all the controllers and can fix the situation if you lose control. An ideal start for the beginners. Don’t hesitate to head directly to the mountains to enjoy the magnificent view.

3. Skycity Casino

Choosing a virtual casino in New Zealand, consult to avoid scammers. But if you want to visit a traditional one, go straightly to Skycity. It is the biggest and the most popular casino in the country, located directly at its capital. It offers a variety of traditional casino games: blackjack, Spanish 21, roulette, all possible slot machines, bingo, baccarat, the big six, craps, keno and, of course, poker. Poker is not even considered to be gambling in New Zealnd. It is a kind of a national hobby. People play poker all the time and everywhere. The number of combinations they know is insane. You will hardly find a Kiwi you can beat in this game. But it is still worth the experience.

4. Rafting

The most awesome water activity a man can find! Don’t hesitate to conquer white waters of the Kawarau or Shotover Rivers in Queenstown. Prepare for a quiet drift through the deep forests up to the extreme journey down the turbulent rapids! Rafting covers the full adventure spectrum! The #1 thing to take care of is a proven team. Don’t trust the rookies! You need either professionals or good friends you can fully trust. It is a matter of safety and life. Don’t try to save cash on equipment. Take everything you are offered and make sure it is of the highest quality. It will surely protect you from small injuries and serious traumas.

5. Bungee Jumping

Have you ever tried that elastic cord? No? It’s high time to use it. The variety of features will make your head go round! You wanna jump in the air or you prefer plunging into the water? Are you keen on a long flight or you’d have it all ended up fast? It’s up to you! The strings are 15-233 meters long and only you know what is better for you. The only advice is: hire a cameramen. It will cost you about $35 but you will keep those memories for life!

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Five Tips For Extreme Vacation In New Zealand

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