Foods Banish Belly Fat

The next point is under each eye, then under the nose, just above your upper lip.

Your chin is the next tapping point and then your hands separate to tap on your collar bone.

Then you cross your arms and tap under the armpit. The final point is just below your lowest ribs.

It’s recommended that you use the technique every day for at least fifteen minutes and feel free to identify any issues that are causing you to feel stressed.

During private consultations, we have sometimes phrased weight loss issues with the followingset upstatement: “Even though I have had great difficulty losing weight in the past and my weight has caused me enormous stress and emotional discomfort – yet I deeply and completely love, respect, honour and accept myself with every part of my being”.

As the issue evolves into a more positive phrasing, we modify the statement along the following lines: “I now choose deeply and completely to release and let go of all my stress and all the unwanted weight, allowing myself to become slimmer, fitter, healthier and so much happier”.

Your brain responds to these affirmations by re-wiring the neural connections that influence our behaviour. Tapping helps to identify the sources of stress and then reduces their influence.

The positive affirmations create the possibility of modifying our behaviour at a neural level. The result is a long-term shift in conditioned reflexes that can make a valuable contribution to effective, sustained weight control.

Once you have mastered the tapping technique, you can use it for any area of your life where you feel that change would be of benefit to you. I wholeheartedly commend the technique to you and wish you the greatest possible success with your programme and, indeed, with your life.

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Foods Banish Belly Fat

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