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The high road Walking to work? Keep off the main streets and youll give your lungs a well-deserved breather, say scientists from Queen Mary University in the UK. While it might add a minute or two to your commute, strolling down side streets can significantly slash your exposure to harmful pollutants.

After comparing the pollution rate of one of Londons busy routes to a less-popular path, researchers found the quieter road decreased your chance of breathing in high levels of black carbon (a harmful emission from diesel cars).

While the pollution rates Down Under arent exactly the same as the UKs, anything that can decrease your exposure to these nasty chemicals (which are known to cause respiratory issues such as asthma), gets a tick in our book. Keen to try a different route? Download the Footpath Route Planner app ($1.49, iTunes) to map out your new track.

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Footpath Route Planner App

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