Formal Wedding Hairstyles

Please take a look below at these chemicals and read the label on your hair shampoo bottle to see how many you can find lurking there:

1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate:

It is a common ingredient in most all hair shampoos. It is known as SLS. This ingredient helps to create foam and significantly clean the scalp. However, the horrible truth is this ingredient is a cancer-causing ingredient. It is also used as an engine degreaser and is sold in automotive parts store throughout the world. It actually swallows up your scalps essential oil, which is the necessary element to keeping hair healthy.

2. Perfume or Fragrance:

Artificial ingredients are responsible for the sweet-smelling fragrances of hair shampoo. However, this beautiful Fragrance is made from highly toxic fabricated ingredients. These toxic ingredients are responsible for-

Skin rashes and color changes of skin

Headaches, and even blackouts

Damages to the liver, brain, and kidney

Harmful effects on the central nervous system

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Formal Wedding Hairstyles

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