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The Career Spheres: Work and Money

It’s fair to say that people spend more time obsessing about work and money today than at any time in the past. More than ever before, we define ourselves in terms of our jobs. We also have become an increasingly materialistic society, wherein what we own, where we live, and how much we make also define us. It’s no wonder, then, that these spheres, in the Career Big-sphere, often unbalance people’s lives.

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Years ago, individuals were more accepting of their careers and less materialistic. Today, we often feel like failures if we don’t have the titles or the corner offices or aren’t making the money we think we should. We also expect to find meaning and satisfaction in our work, and even if we’ re well paid, we’ re miserable if we find the work boring or repetitive.

For these and other reasons, Yogis now exist who focus exclusively on work or money issues. We’ve grouped these two together in our Career Big-sphere because they often intersect. Job salaries often impact career satisfaction, and the choice of a job or career frequently determines financial compensation.

In some instances, however, these spheres don’t intersect. A Work sphere issue may revolve around finding one’s true calling, for instance, and money has nothing to do with the decisions involved. Or a Money sphere issue may be related to spending too much and saving too little, and work has nothing to do with this problem.

Whether or not the two spheres intersect, you can get started on developing, understanding, and appreciating the content of each sphere that makes up the Career Big-sphere.

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