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Franc Cinelli is a very talented Anglo-Italian singer and musician who has been touring far and wide for several years now. This is his fourth album, the titles of which appear to be views on his developing career, this one follows GOODTIMES GOODTIMES, I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT and COME OF AGE. Cinelli lists Dylan as one of his main influences and so much is obvious by listening to the first two tracks on this album. Alchemy and Travelling Alone are heavy on harmonica and vocal deliveries that are a touch more nasal than is natural for Cinelli whose home is folk more than anything else.

The ten new self-penned songs here are really nothing special with some fairly trite lyrics, Blindsided and Blue being two unfortunate examples, just what is the listener supposed to make ofSky’s on fire sky so blue, blue, blue. Two better songs though with too similar themes, the mysteries of the sea, are Across The Slipstream and Breakers, certainly some fine singing on the first of these, and despite some more strange lyrics I also enjoyed Driver and Animals.

An expert guitar, keyboards and harmonica player Cinelli is, like many musical troubadours, serving his time playing gigs in small halls, pubs and front rooms the length and breadth of the UK, Europe and America, he is also getting exposure on Radio 2. Good luck to him, his enduring hard work and persistence deserve their reward but judging on the material and performances on this album he may come up short of the big breakthrough he is seeking. Paul Collins

Franc Cinelli

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