French Kiss Of Boy And Girl

Don’t do it too many times. They might get annoyed and end up not even wanting a kiss.

Different Ways To Hold Them When Kissing

Reach up and hold them from behind their head. You If the other person has their hands down at their can also caress their hair. This gives you a bit more sides. glide your hands into theirs. Now your bodies control. are intertwined, not just your mouths. Tip: It always feels great when someone runs their Tip: You may want to rub their hands. This has a fingers through your hair. It stimulates the follicles calming effect. and nerve endings.

Slip your hand around the back their neck under their hair preferably. Sometimes necks can get quite sore when you are kissing ,so it could be quite soothing.

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Tip: If they have long thick hair, you might just want to go over the top. You do not want to get your hands tangled and ruin the moment.

One hand around lower back and other hand around neck. This gives you complete control.

Tip: Keeps them close to you. Makes them feel safe because you are enclosing them in your arms. Different Ways To Hold Them When Kissing Holding their face between your hands. Standing slightly to the side of them gives you free- dom to kiss them somewhere other than the face

Tip: May restrict movement, so keep it gentle. There shouldn’t be any handprints. Tip: Don’t stop a kiss, then move then kiss again just so you can kiss the neck. Keep it flowing.

Put your arms around their waist from behind. Makes them feel comfortable in your arms.

Tip: A great one for kissing them on the back or side of the neck.

Both hands around neck or back of neck.

Tip: May not be able to stay in this position for long.

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