Fringe Vintage Hair Salon

With her pink-rinse highlights and cupcake-print dress, the owner of Fringe, Chantelle Thackwray, is classically feminine with a hint of 1950s rockabilly. Step inside her hair salon and you will be transported into a scene from Grease, with colourful retro memorabilia and knick-knacks from every decade since. Two years ago, Thackwray opened Fringe in the charming seaside setting of Simons Town with a vision of a place that celebrated old-school glamour and femininity.

She wanted to create a space where any woman from any background and any age could feel beautiful. Back in the day, she explains, it was the salon, not the pub, that was the heartbeat of the town “ a place where women could chat, drink cofee and laugh, a space that ofered a sense of community and a safe haven to relax and share stories. We celebrate who women are. There is no judgment or prejudice.

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We encourage women to take time out and restore themselves in a space we created with love, she says. Cast your eye over the interior and you cant help but fall in love; black and white checked floors, reclining vintage barber chairs, Art Deco dressers and a candy-coloured juke box, all combining to make this nostalgic space welcoming. While your hair is being washed, you can gaze up at old blackand-white movies playing out on boxy, deep-set screens, and when you leave theres a mint tin dispenser begging for your small change.

Every detail revels in bygone pleasures and throwback treats, including Thackwrays holistic approach to hairdressing. The products hark back to a simpler and less saturated beauty industry; to ensure that the salon is as ecofriendly as possible, she has hand-picked products with fewer chemicals. Similarly, she embraces a more traditional definition of beauty perhaps best summed up by one of her icons, Audrey Hepburn: For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.

Fringe Vintage Hair Salon

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