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Actors and Athletes

James Loehr likens athletes to actors in that they can change their emotions, and subsequently their performance, through practice. Elite athletes have learned to move their emotional chemistry to the directions they want just like actors, he says.

Both professions have the same skills. Michael Jordan and (former tennis great) Chris Evert have been two of the great actors and actresses of their time in sports. They learned to act out their confidence and fighting spirit, to trigger positive emotions and chemistry, no matter what the situation in a game. At times they have felt nervous, but they never showed it. In a crisis, Jordan follows out the same emotional script with such precision time and time again and that’s why he succeeds so often.

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Like great actors, great athletes can move their emotional chemistry around to the desired direction.

Strange Happenings at Noon: The Author’s Story

Altered mental and emotional states and amazing arousal zone performances are not the exclusive domain of elite athletes. I have experienced at least a dozen as an amateur athlete in basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, and track and field. In 1994 and 1995 at YMCA pickup games, I experienced flawless shooting performances in which I was so much immersed in a zone that I saw two different versions of the basketball and the basketball net: after the ball left my hand, I saw it go into the net twice the first time shortly before it did, and then I would see it go in a second time. It was like there was a split screen in which I could see both the real ball and another ball slightly ahead of it. And, during those two afternoons of intense concentration, none of my shots missed. I’d guess I was at least 10 for 10 in each performance.

Throughout my amateur career in leagues and pickup games, I have also (through arousal) induced physical strength and speed at least 25 percent above what I’d normally be able to produce. Most of my career, I have weighed a skinny 143 pounds, but have been able to bring younger, stronger men to their knees through arousal techniques.

Full Body Exercises

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