General rules

General rules

There is no need to add solids to a bottle fed babys diet before the fifth month if the child is content, gaining well and receiving vitamin supplements and iron. A breast fed baby does not need solids until after the sixth month if she is content and gaining well.

A baby may occasionally develop strong likes and dislikes around six months and it may not be easy to persuade her that milk is not the only foodstuff. However, if other food is to her liking she will generally take it well.

If your baby is overweight, delay the introduction of solids and give fruit, not cereals, to start with. Remember, a fat baby is not always a healthy baby.

Your baby should double her birth mass by the fifth or sixth month and will be having about 1 000 ml milk in 24 hours. If she needs a lot more milk than this to satisfy her, she probably needs solids.

Snacks such as biscuits can spoil your babys appetite for important bodybuilding foods and can make her overweight.

If your baby is overweight, it is best to bring it under control under your doctor or clinics guidance. You will probably be told to cut down on carbohydrates by eliminating cereals and sugar. Remember sugar is not necessary except to add to her formula.

When introducing solids always start with a small amount – one or two tea-spoonsful at a time and build up gradually.

General rules

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