Buffalo Sabres goalie Gerry Desjardins played parts of four seasons in Buffalo at the end of his career. He had played previously with Los Angeles, Chicago, and the New York Islanders, but he played more games with Buffalo than any other team. His superstition was straightforward. He always drove from his home to the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium along the same route.

Desjardins believed it only made sense to be as uniform in this aspect of game-day preparations as in the dressing room, during warm-up, or during stoppages of play. The trouble was that his personal GPS took him through streets that were sometimes a nightmare to navigate during the many and severe winter storms Buffalo is subject to, but that made little difference to the diminutive goalie. Every game, same roads.

Still, he was aware of the folly and brittle nature of superstitions. He liked to have a coffee before every game, but one time he decided not to and he still played well. The coffee superstition was no more.



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