Get Baby To Sleep

Get Baby To Sleep

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Of course, there are many variations on the theme. Some couples, like Clare and Chris, not only sleep with their children but stay awake as a family until everyone is tired, going to bed all at the same time. Other parents lie with their baby as he falls asleep in their bed and then get up and go downstairs again, returning later to sleep with him. Julie, who is single and the mother of Ross, aged three, did this.

I felt I really wanted to give him as much time as I could at night and in the evening. I had to work all day, so we needed to be together at night. ’

Other parents co-sleep for part of the night, putting their baby to bed in his own cot and then lifting him into their bed when he cries. Some dads, and it usually is dads, end up sleeping alone just so that they can get enough sleep and their baby can co-sleep.

Pete’s been downstairs on the sofa bed with a sleeping bag for the last year. Occasionally he makes a joke of it and says he’d like to sleep with me again, and I’d like him to as well. He’s very patient. ’

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Get Baby To Sleep

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