Ginger, Garlic and Onions

Chilies are not the only spice that can boost your metabolism Fresh ginger is another great spice that you can use in food to boost the flavor while increasing the health and weight loss benefits. It also has blood cleansing properties, so it can give your system a cleanup too. Combined with that other highly flavorsome spice garlic, the two form the basis of many tasty meals from around the world. Garlic is another excellent blood cleanser and has the ability to reduce the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in your blood, as do onions. If you’re worried about eating all this great spicy food and ending up with breath that could lose you a few friends, think about what you really want.

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A slimmer, healthier body comes with work and some sacrifice. Real friends will understand and will be willing to join you in eating the same food, thereby canceling out the ability to notice your breath! Oh yes, have you ever noticed that you can’t smell garlic on anyone’s breath when you eat it yourself?

Here’s to turning up the heat to burn off those excess calories!

In this chapter I want to look at the things that motivate a person to lose those extra pounds and to examine where that motivation actually comes from. It may surprise you to learn that motivation does not necessarily need to come from within.

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