During The Golden Age of Hollywood

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, after silent black-and-white films developed into Technicolor talkies with full musical scores, going to the movies meant taking your seat in the company of up to 4 000 people. An usher would show you right to your seat, the toilets were luxurious ‘powder rooms’ and children even had a playroom to while away the time (and you could smoke in the theatre). Obviously, today, the experience is very dierent. Many people prefer to watch their movies on their home-entertainment system or even their laptop. But the Molo Mollo Cinema Club aims to change that, by creating a new community of film of its own.

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To combat the perception that Pretoria’s inner city is rundown, Molo Mollo decided to bring back some of its magic by creating popup, open-air cinema in various buildings. With a name that translates as ‘Hello Fire,’ the three co-founders, Carla Taljaard, Alexander Melck and Paul Jordaan, combined the dynamism they found in forgotten urban spaces, cinema and digital art to create a cinema club. ‘Today, people enjoy alternative cultural experiences that stimulate and challenge not only our senses, but our preconceived ideas as well,’ Taljaard explains.

‘We have lost, or maybe never discovered, what a cinema theatre [experience] could be, because cinemas today are predominantly linked to malls.’ For Molo Mollo, mainstream is a no-go. Instead, the cinema club nurtures local filmmakers, giving them the opportunity to discuss the film with the audience afterwards. There are no customers, just friends who have opinions. Shows are screened every Wednesday. For information on latest and upcoming events, visit Molomollo.wordpress.com

During The Golden Age of Hollywood

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