Great Tasting Breakfast

Aday in the life of a pre-schooler can sometimes be an adventure, which means they need a daily source of essential vitamins and minerals to replenish their mental and physical strength. Breakfast provides the perfect opportunity for you to give your pre-schooler the nutrition they need in a fun and exciting way. With Purity Junior Muesli or Oats, you can give your little one a breakfast that’s easy on their tummies and great tasting, without any nasty preservatives, artificial flavours, and colourants.

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✱ Soft texture and easy to digest
✱ Contains real fruit bits
✱ High in fibre
✱ Low GI
✱ A good source of protein when served with milk or yoghurt


✱ Finer texture for younger children
✱ Contains real fruit powder
✱ Suitable serving sizes for little tummies (eight single sachets)
✱ Made from real oatmeal
✱ Keeps toddlers full for longer
✱ A good source of fibre and energy

Establishing good breakfast habits in early childhood with Purity Junior will help set your little one up to be the best they can be.



Great Tasting Breakfast

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