Short hairstyles 2017 black woman

OCCUPATION: Musician, Idols judge, radio host HEIGHT: 1.74m BODYCHANGE: Size 40 to size 33 TIMEFRAME: 4years SECRETWEAPON: Knowing that I deserved my dream body and committing to myself You’ve gotta love a straight shooter like Unathi Msengana. I want my tush to stay tight like a tiger to keep it cute, she quips. So you best believe squats are a staple in every workout. And I’m always working on my stomachcause I can’t protrude front and back.

I know it sounds crazy, but it is just how I have always negotiated with my body! In 2013, the mother of two and versatile career woman shared with WH how she lost 28kg while training for the Unlimited Dusi Canoe Marathon. It’s been very easy to sustain because it is become a lifestyle. It really feels good to be in charge of my health and wellbeing, she says. When it comes to exercise, Unathi trains hard and fast. I once heard J. Lo say that she trains like an athlete for specific events because she could never maintain that discipline the entire year I chose to adopt that approach as well, to allow myself to have rest periods throughout the year, she says. Unathi loves supercircuits at gym. Her new obsession: the Grid at Virgin Active.

She has no time for run-of-the-mill workouts. My body easily regulates itself to a new workout routine so I change every 10-day period to maximise my results. Other days I run. Running leans me out, but is not too great for sculpting the body. The other disciplines take care of that swiftly. And when it comes to diet, she’s in the no-more-deprivation camp. I hate being hungry so I eat many small meals during the day, as opposed to thetraditionalthree.

I avoid carbs, dairy and sugar and drink green smoothies regularly, she says. Her lifestyle has changed the way she operates. She oozes confidence. I was publicly shamed for years and suffered that public beating and humiliation. Today I host seminars called A Better You where I invite specialists to help women who want to transform their bodies. I do it for women so they know that they are not alone and that they deserve the bodies they desire. We just have to commit to ourselves because our bodies are the only bodies we will ever know.

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Short hairstyles 2017 black woman

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