Green Eye Makeup

Green Eye Makeup

An eye painted with smoke colors is always soft and velvety, no matter how dramatic it is. This provides an eye-catching, well-groomed look. The secret of the work is carefully mixing the smoked gray with darker shades of gray, coffee, purple, dark green, charcoal and dark blue. Apply the darkest color to your eyelashes and open up the color as you go up; Try to make an impression that you used only one color.

Apply a little closure to your upper and lower eyelids to prevent wrinkling and close the veins. Curl your lashes and frame your eyes so that they will show their shape. If your eyes are close to each other
just pull the pen into the outer edges, if normal interval, into the entire upper eyelid. Gently stretch your eyelids outward so that your pen can draw on a straight line. Extend the frame to the outside edges to show the eyes longer.

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Powder generously to prevent spreading. Then, to soften the lines and prevent the erasure of your frame, pass the same dust powder through the frame you draw with your eye pencil. Apply your lower eyelid so that the same color will come under your eyelashes.

Use an illuminator along your brow bone to dramatize the eye area. Mix the colors you use thoroughly and clean with a piece of cotton, if any, faulty spots and stains. Apply two light mascara to your up and down eyelashes, scan with an eyelash brush to prevent them from sticking together.

Apply lipstick to your entire lip area after framing your lips with a lip pencil of the appropriate color for your lipstick. Use a lip brush to reach the edges.


Open the ends of your eye pencil with a pencil sharpener, but before applying it to the delicate eye area, draw a line over your hand to reduce its sharpness.

Use eye pencil in your novice period, the control is easier and gives a softer appearance. If you can not draw a straight line, join the short eyelids along your eyelashes. Be careful not to see your skin through your eyelids and your eyelashes.

Use rubbing or browning at the lower inner edge of the eye and stretch it to the outer edge.

Green Eye Makeup

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