Gucci bamboo perfume

Science says certain scents can boost confidence, beat anxiety, and even curb your appetite. So, yes… you really can have a fragrance for every mood!

We’ve all experienced a moment when a certain smell has sent us back to it’s freshly baked bread, a waft of your mom’s brand of hairspray, or only can scents evoke particular memories, they can actually affect your mood, too. In the same way, your mindset can alter how you smell things. Studies show that depression can suppress your sense of smell, while anxiety is thought to create smell sensitivity, making typically benign smells unpleasant.

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An everyday fragrance, however, often makes the biggest – albeit subliminal – impact on our memories and feelings: a certain smell can trigger an emotion without you even knowing it! Have a look at your go-to perfumes; your everyday one may evoke an ‘I’ve got this!’ feeling, while your special occasion one might make you feel glamorous. you’ve been ‘fragrance coaching’ yourself all this time. While treating yourself to a new scent is exciting, knowing that it affects your mood with every spritz makes choosing the right one more important than ever. Here’s what to look for…


Gucci bamboo perfume

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