Hair color for blondes

Nataliya Al-ta’ai is CND education team ambassador Favourite shade: CND Shellac in Field Fox SOLUTION: The nature of a gel is to retract back when placed on a surface, causing shrinkage. This is magnified when the gel is mixed with solvents such as ethyl and buthyl acetate, which thin the gel polish down and give it its smooth, runny texture.

Whether shrinkage occurs also j depends on the temperature of the room you are working in and the client’s body temperature. If you are working in a hot environment, keep your product in the fridge or work under an air-conditioning unit. Shrinkage is also more likely when the application is too thick. To avoid this, choose a pure gel or a gel with a very low solvent content (read the label and do the sniff test). Finally, remember to apply more thin coats if you need to, or choose a highly pigmented product for full coverage.

Steven Rhys-Wells is Cuccio creative director Favourite shade: Cuccio Colour Veneer in I Left my Heart in San Francisco

Cures all 5 fingers (or toes) in half the time*. CND’s 3C Technologyž optimises light, energy and time for maximum shine and long wear.

Distributed exclusively in the UK and Ireland with love and respect by Sweet Squared Authorised CND distributor partners: Dublin 01 408 9191, Edinburgh 0131 333 3180, Glasgow 0141 427 7735, Manchester 0845 200 0311, Ellisons 0845 130 6126

SOLUTION: Incorrect gel removal can cause the natural nail plate to be thinned, as well as causing leukonychia (white spots on the nail plate) as a result of trauma. At worst, it can cause separation if the nail plate is badly thinned. This damage is completely avoidable by correct and professional removal.

However, if damage is caused, it cannot be undone. Encourage clients to grow out the damage with a nail strengthener before having their next gel treatment, but if they do want gel polish, you can protect the nail by applying two coats of base coat. Clients must be aware that they need to return to have the gel removed professionally and should not attempt to remove it themselves at home. The product should not be pulled or forced off and metal implements should be avoided.

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Hair color for blondes

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